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Many say serving through missions is a life-changing endeavor. However, the opportunity to serve outside of our communities doesn’t always present itself for everyone – jobs, kids, appointments…it may be something on your heart but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible at this stage in your life. How about if you didn’t have to “go away” to serve others? Your mission field can be right here in your own backyard.

The ability to serve others, as Jesus instructs, doesn’t only need to happen in another state or even a half a world away. Think of your neighbor…does she need help with her kids? How about an elderly friend…could she use some groceries? Or a widow…perhaps she needs a hand with her yard work. If you take a moment to think about the needs that the people in your life might already have, you’ll realize that your mission field might be right in front of you!

be Love is an open group of women and men, willing to serve the needs of anyone. You don’t need to belong to our church to help – just have a heart to serve. Open to all, and all are welcome. Interested? Tell us you want to Love others, or that you have someone in mind who needs Love.

be Love!