The Journey Café is our church's state-of-the-art after-school hang-out and community outreach center at 3rd and Pine Streets in Hamburg, PA.

The café hosts a wide variety of creative and uplifting events for all ages. Events and programs include Rock Us youth group, various teen group gatherings (e.g. Girl Talk, Brozone) , concerts, adult small group meetings, community service projects, benefit events, conferences, Bible studies, and various community events. We are not content with the status quo, so new things are happening at the café all the time.

Forge is our youth group for senior high students in 9th through 12th grades. We meet on Tuesday evenings at The Journey Café. At Forge we investigate life and faith together in an informal, casual way. We also take time to periodically leave the confines of the Journey for fun nights out and for a variety of service projects. If you're looking to grow in your faith while having a seriously good time, consider coming to Forge!

No doubt - The Journey Café is the best hang out in town. We're open for middle and high-school students during the after-school hours (3-6pm on M, W, F and 3-4:30pm on Tue & Th). You can play pool, foosball, bubble hockey, wii, gagaball, basketball or some of our other fun games.

EPIC (or Every Person In Christ) is our student leadership group. EPIC is for middle- and high school students who want to dive deeper into the Christian faith and learn how to impact people for Jesus Christ. Most of our EPIC students also serve in various student leadership roles at The Journey Café/Rock-Us. EPIC meets at the Journey Thursdays between 4:30-6pm.

Brozone is a guys-only group that meets at The Journey Café on Fridays at 4pm. Along with Brozone’s snacks & fun, we also take a bare-knuckled approach to the real-world situations that young guys encounter today. We seriously discuss what God has to say about life’s challenges and His plan to help us through them. Brozone is often led by graduates of the Teen Challenge recovery program, who help out at the Journey on Fridays.

Girl Talk (GT) is our girls-only group that meets at The Journey Café on Fridays (4pm). This vibrant group takes a fun, but serious, approach to the tough issues that young ladies face these days. Emphasis is placed on God’s truth about girls during teaching and open discussion times at GT. This creative group also cooks, bakes, and does all sorts of crafts. The GT crew often does other, extracurricular fun things like all-girl sleepovers, pool parties and fashion shows to name a few. GT even has its own drama club!