May 12th Message

John 16:7
Acts 1:8-11
Acts 1:14, 20, 26

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Z-World 2024: Mission to Planet Zuna

Jul 27 (1:30 pm) - Jul 28 (1:30 pm), 2024 | Back parking lot

Z-World is a free 2-day family event and at least one parent or adult is required to stay with their child throughout the event.

Family Picnic and Kickball
Family Picnic and Kickball

When: Sunday, June 2nd at 9:40am-1pm For pre-school through 5th grade and their families.

Worship in Your Style
A place to worship in your style

When it comes to Sunday morning worship,
Zion's Church has something for everyone.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

We hold many events throughout the year. Join us or learn more about upcoming events and register.

Come Grow with Us
Come grow with us!

Everyone is in a different place on their faith journey.
Where ever you are, we warmly welcome you to Zion's Church.

You Never Stop Learning
You never stop learning

Christian learning is a lifetime endeavor.
Zion's Church offers Sunday School classes for people of all ages.

Summer Reading Program
Summer Reading Program

When: June 2nd through July 21st

For elementary school children

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Welcome to Zion's Church!

Zion's Church in Hamburg is a warm and loving family where everyone is accepted and valued, growing together in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our congregation is a beautiful mosaic of individuals at different stages of their faith journey. Whether you have been a follower of Christ your entire life, have only recently connected with Jesus, or are still exploring what Christian faith might mean for you, Zion’s Church offers a warm welcome. We are committed to providing meaningful experiences that bring peace, healing, and growth into your life. We hope that through our shared experiences, you’ll find a sense of belonging and spiritual rejuvenation. We welcome you to join our family at Zion’s Church. Whether you are seeking a spiritual home, looking for a community of support, or eager to serve others... there’s a place for you here. Visit us at 770 Zion Church Road, Hamburg, PA 19526.

Zion’s Church is not just a place of worship; it’s a vibrant community. From mission trips to enriching worship services, both traditional and contemporary, we strive to create an environment where everyone can grow closer to God and develop friendships with other believers. Our church offers a diverse range of fellowship activities and opportunities to serve, all rooted in our heartfelt desire to lead people into a life-changing relationship with the living Jesus. We encourage a lifelong pursuit of growing in Christ, providing support and encouragement every step of the way.

Our essential beliefs are central to faith and salvation, fostering unity in these core principles. We also respect that we have the liberty to explore the Word and grow our knowledge in non-essential beliefs, understanding that no one can fully comprehend all aspects of God. In all our beliefs, we emphasize the importance of scripture as our guide.

Please join in our worship services, participate in our community activities, and explore your faith journey with us. Let’s walk together on this path of growth, service, and love in Christ. Connect with us today and take your first step towards a more fulfilling spiritual life at Zion’s Church. We can’t wait to meet you!

What's Happening at Zions Church?

There's always something going on at Zion's Church. Fellowship events, educational programs, service opportunities, and more.

May 2024
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Worship In Your Style

Whether you enjoy contemporary Christian music with a live band or traditional hymns with the pipe organ, we have a service for you.

We offer traditional worship with organs and a choir, as well as contemporary worship with a casual energy, a praise band, and skits or videos. We also provide infant care during contemporary worship and livestream recordings of both services each week.

large crowd of all ages posing outside the front of zions church on a sunny day

Our Vision

Zion's Church Vision Statement

Zion’s Church is a warm and loving family, where all are accepted and valued, growing together in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministries for All Ages

We have many exciting and engaging programs for all ages. Everyone has gifts and a purpose in God's Kingdom. Build relationships, learn, and have fun growing in your faith.

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