A ministry of women who Inspireto... be awakened by inspirational gatherings like the Pink Impact Simulcast and other womens conferences and retreats for women ... be active by strengthening our bodies and our friendships ... be social within workshops and get-togethers that encourage sharing and learning common interests ... be love through helps and serving the ministry team with meals and transportation. Together as women, we strive to be what we are called to be in Jesus while spurring our sisters on to do the same. We believe that as we come to know Christ, we are called to be more than what we can be alone. We want to be a community of women who pour inward and outward to empower our sisters, as a community of Godly women.

"I never knew that!" was often the response to the facts regarding God's word being revealed to the ladies attending last year's Bible Study. This year's study of The Great Truths of the Bible will continue to provide insight into subjects rarely taught or preached and promises to help students understand the so called hard subjects of the Bible.