Please join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with five very special worship services. Four of them will dramatically present the message of Jesus coming in a very creative and impacting way through a drama. The fifth service will include the preaching of the word and communion. All five services will include the singing of Christmas carols and a candle lighting service. 

Explore the meaning of life. This past spring, 70 people completed and were blessed by the Alpha Course Basic. We learned about each other and shared in a small group setting. Relationships were formed, which have continued in a meaningful way. We want to do it again!

If you have not yet attended Alpha Course Basic, we encourage you to join us!

If you have attended Alpha Course Basic, we would encourage you to sign up for Alpha Course Beyond!

Save the dates beginning Wednesday, September 13th through December 13th (on most Wednesdays), from 6:00pm to 8:30pm to explore Alpha Course Basic and Alpha Course Beyond. Please see the bulletin for sign-up details.

Zions Church is excited to now offer sign language interpretation at the 9:40 am Worship Services. Signing will be in the front left corner of the sanctuary and will be provided whenever people are in attendance who have the ability to understand sign language.