Please see the attached letter regarding our latest status, plans, policies, and procedures as we navigate our church through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congregation Letter - September 21, 2020

HIghlights of the letter:

  • Effective September 27, 2020 - First service start time is now 8:15am on Sunday morning
  • Effective September 27, 2020 - Second service (9:40am) will be seating every other pew. 1st (8:15am) and 3rd (11:15am) Sunday services will still be every 3rd pew.
  • Sunday School is up and running for Pre-K through Adult
  • Confirmation Classes have begun. Still time to sign-up
  • No Wednesday programs at the church at this time. Rock-Us has started at the Journey Café.
  • Any activities or meetings need to be scheduled and have room reservations via the secretary. See the document for your responsibilities regarding scheduling, cleaning up after yourself, and food policies.

Zion's Church has implemented a Church Management System called Realm. Along with serving the church's business needs, it also offers several ways to improve engagement, communication, and relationships within church. 

Realm is an online ministry tool designed with communication in mind. It helps us all to stay connected and informed.  Realm allows you to manage your personal contact information and who is allowed to see it, control your online giving, and keep in touch with the groups that matter to you.  Realm is available both as a web site and a mobile app.  You will be able to receive notifications via email or within the app.

Realm strengthens church connections.  Groups and individuals are better able to communicate with each other, even from our mobile devices. It will facilitate better relationship building.  We’ll stay organized, and you’ll stay informed about all of the ministries and fellowship opportunities.  Event registration will be available, and, if an event requires payment, you'll be able to pay online as well.  If you are a group leader, we will be reaching out to do some additional training for you.

Zions Church is excited to now offer sign language interpretation at the 9:40 am Worship Services. Signing will be in the front left corner of the sanctuary and will be provided whenever people are in attendance who have the ability to understand sign language.